Past Exhibition: Treasures of the Middle Ages: Archaeological Finds from Poland

On loan from the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw, this stunning exhibition of jewellery created by medieval Slavs showcases the finest of early medieval artistic craftsmanship.  

The objects in this exhibition are the most valuable items form the collections of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw.  The artefacts display a variety of styles and types of jewellery in use in the early Middle Ages.  Mid-Antrim Museum is one of four venues in Northern Ireland that this spectacular exhibition will tour to in 2013.


Jewellery has accompanied humans since time immemorial – even in earliest human groups shell pendants or beads made of bone are found. As well as increasing one’s attraction, the wearing of jewellery often conveyed an important message about nationality, religion, social and economic status. For archaeologists, jewellery reflects past fashions and helps to more accurately date archaeological features.

These elaborate ornaments from the museum’s collection originate from excavations during the periods, 1918- 1939, 1945-2007 and from the museum’s early collections.

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