Past Exhibition: From Tullygrawley School: Creativity in a County Classroom

This exhibition showcases the inspired art work of pupils attending Tullygrawley Public Elementary School, Cullybackey under the direction of their Headmaster RL Russell.  

Robert Lamont Russell (1892-1957) taught for 34 years, from 1923 until 1957, as Master at Tullygrawley Public Elementary School in Cullybackey. This exhibition celebrates the extraordinary artistic results that Russell obtained from his pupils.

"R.L. Russell was a teacher considered by many to use methods which were in advance of his time. His teaching methods were developed in the classroom to suit the real lives of his pupils. He believed that every child had creative potential and carefully assisted them to find ways to express this. Many visitors to this exhibition will be surprised, I'm sure, to see that art work of this quality has been produced by children as young as 10 years old."

Russell's work attract considerable interest at the time. In 1935 he published his book, The Child and His Pencil, and in 1936 his services to education were recognised by Queen's University Belfast when they conferred on him an honorary Master of Arts degree.

Catch this wonderful exhibition before it's too late!

Date: December 7 until January 6 
Times: 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 10am - 4.00pm
Admission: Free
Ages: All ages will find this exhibition wonderful and fascinating! It is particularly enjoyable for young children!

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