Future Exhibitions

Find out more about the Museum's 2017 exhibition and events programme.

Please note: exhibition programme is subject to change.

Free admisssion                  Open: Monday - Saturday

Unless otherwise stated these exhibition will be on display in the exhibition gallery.  

NIPA Annual Print Exhibition                                                                         18 Mar - 22 Apr

William Shoesmith: The Art of the Liner (on loan from NMNI)                          5 May - 24 Jun

Painting Pictures Project: Local stories from the 1950s and 1960s                    Aug - Sept

Church Lads and Girls Brigade local exhibitions (ATRIUM)                                Sept             

A Step in Time: The Story of Irish Dance (on loan from NMNI)                        23 Oct - 6 Feb 2018

Robert Burns Exhibition                                                                                 Nov - Feb 2018



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