Past Exhibition: Peace III Cultural Fusions Exhibitions

These two exhibitions 'The Art of the Troubles' and 'Images of Ireland: The Politics of Culture, 1886-1916' have been developed through the PEACE III Cultural Fusions programme.

(1) The Art of the Troubles (27 April - 27 July 2010)

A special collaboration with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland drawing on its collection of art inspired by, and responding to, ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.  This unique resource has been curated specially for the North East Cluster Peace III Culture and Arts Programme.  It provides a stimulating basis for creative engagement with issues surrounding the conflict and its legacy.  The exhibition includes pieces by internationally recognised Northern Irish artists.

(2) Images of Ireland: The Politics of Culture, 1886-1916 10 May-27 July 2010

This exhibition explores this defining period of historical and cultural debate in Ireland.  The theme of the exhibition is ‘identity’ – how ideas of Irish, British, Gaelic and Orange identity evolved over the period commonly referred to as the ‘Gaelic Revival’.  It looks in particular at symbols of identity and compares and contrasts cultural expression at that time with how identity is viewed today.  The exhibition has been developed in partnership with the Causeway Museum Service.  

This project is financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund through the EU Programme for Peace and Reconcililation managed for the Special EU Progammes Body by the North East PEACE III Patnership.


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