Past exhibition: 'FLOW' Joint Art Exhibition

'Flow'  is a joint art exhibition between the Department of Finance and Personnel in Northern Ireland and the Office of Public Works (Republic of Ireland). This is the thirteenth annual joint exhibition between the two Departments and features forty pieces of government owned artworks.

The theme of the exhibition is based around man’s relationship with water, which is described in the title, ‘Flow’. The artworks selected describe this relationship in its many forms such as transport, leisure, work, power and sustenance. The collection includes paintings of seascapes, ships, harbours, rivers, lakes, beaches, marine life and watermills. Artists featured include TP Flanagan, William Ashford, Basil Blackshaw and Patrick Collins

The Mid-Antrim Museum is only one of three venues in Northern Ireland hosting this exhibition. 

The exhibition runs from 11 August until the 18 September.

Admission is free.

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