Past Exhibtion: Anne Frank & Family Photographic Exhibition

Anne Frank's diary is one of the most famous and widely read diaries in the world but now a different aspect of Anne Frank's life has been put into pictures.      

The exhibition of Anne and her family tells the untold story of the life Anne led before the Nazi occupation of Holland.  It adds context and poignancy to the extraordinary power of her famous diary.  Otto Frank's photographs capture his daughters Margot and Anne as new born babies, playing with friends, enjoying days at the beach, occasions when Anne was an ordinary, happy little girl, unaware of the horrors which lay ahead and her role in re-counting them to the world.

The Cultural Fusions programme will present the Anne Frank & Family Photographic Exhibition utilising funding from the PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the North East PEACE III Partnership.


Also showing in the temporary gallery will be the Viz-Art Annual Art exhibition.

Both exhibitions run from Monday 7 until Thursday 31 March.

Free admission

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