Past Exhibition: Shared History: Different Allegiances: 1912-1914

Exploring the people and the events that helped to shape Belfast and the wider mid- Antrim area one hundred years ago.

On loan from Belfast City Council this exhibition looks back at the people and the events that helped to shape Belfast and politics in the north of Ireland one hundred years ago. Shared History, Divided Allegiances focuses on the unfolding political crisis in Ulster during the years 1912 - 1914 and set in context with other significant issues of the day such as labour relations and gender politics, class relations, and the build up to the First World War. To complement the exhibition, Mid-Antrim Museum will be featuring local content looking at the Home Rule period in Ballymena and the wider mid-Antrim area. This additional local content will illustrate how these wider events affected people  locally. On display will be material from Mid-Antrim Museum's collection as well as items from other lending institutions and private collectors.         

The Shared History: Different Allegiances Exhibition has been brought to Mid-Antrim Museum at The Braid by Ballymena Borough Council's Good Relations Unit, with support from the OFMDFM.  The Exhibition was commissioned by Belfast City Council with financial assistance from the District Council Good Relations Programme of the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister. 

BOOK OFFER:  During the exhibition (9 March - 26 June) there is a 20% discount on Mid-Antrim Museum's book  'New Perspectives: Politics, Religion and Conflict in Mid-Antrim 1911-1914.  This book tells the story of Ballymena and its hinterland during a tense and troubled period.

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