Past Exhibition: The Covenanters in Ulster exhibition

Through a series of attractively-produced display banners, this exhibition tells the story of the Covenanters in Ulster.  

It looks at the Scottish background to the Covenants of 1638 and 1643, before focusing on the signing of the Solemn League and Covenant in 26 locations across Ulster, including at Ballymena.  The persecution of the Covenanters in Scotland during the Killing Times is highlighted as is the fact that Ulster was a place of refuge for many, including the well-known Alexander Peden who found shelter at Glenwherry for a time.  Another important figure in the Covenanter story from this period was the Rev. David Houston who exericed an active ministry in County Antrim in the late 1600s and who died near Connor in 1696.

In addition to the nine main banners there are also several supplementary banners that highlight important stories in the subsequent history of the Covenanters in Mid-Antrim, including the inaugural meeting of the Reformed Presbyterian Synod at Cullybackey in 1811.

The Covenanters in Ulster exhibition was created in 2008 by The Covenanters in Ulster Steering Group.

On Wednesday 31 July Mid-Antrim Museum has orgainsed a Covenanter Tour of the local area.

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