Dance for Life

When's it happening?

Date: Saturday 1st April 2017
Times: 10.45am to 12.00 mid-day
Admission: Free
Ages: Adult class

What's it about?

'Dance For Life'  Free Event


''Dance is such a profound thing.You take up space when you dance. You're in your body. You're alive!'' Eve Ensler

 Come and experience the joy of movement and dance in this free taster class. In a non-threatening, informal environment, learn how to use dance to enhance health and well-being. The workshop is based on the principles of Rudolf Laban Dance and is accessible to adults of all ages, including those who think they cannot dance!

 This is a free event, but numbers are limited. Please register to secure your place.

 Vanessa Brodie, (Laban Guild for Movement and Dance) will facilitate the workshop.

 Telephone 028 25 635 010 to enrol for this event.

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