The Slemish Players present Say Cheese by Bernard Farrell

When's it happening?

Date: 3rd and 4th November
Times: 8.00pm daily
Admission: £8.00 and £5.00 concessions
Ages: All ages

What's it about?

Set in the 80’s, before the days of reality T.V., ordinary folk went to extreme lengths to gain their 5 minutes of fame. None more so than Ballymena girl Heather. In order to gain notoriety and even a few scores in social status, she entered her parents, Bridie and Val, into the Ireland’s Happiest Couple competition run by Celtic Cheese. The Prize: a re-enactment of the original wedding, appearance in all of Ireland’s newspapers and a highly coveted slot on local television. She amassed the required 150 cheese wrappers and her parents were chosen by Mr Bradshaw of Celtic Cheese as Irelands Happiest Couple.

Come and join them on Valentine’s Day, thirty years after their original wedding. Watch as their re-enactment commences, meet some very colourful characters along the way, as a Pandora’s box of strange secrets and deceits is opened. The last to join the party is Father Shaughnessy, the priest whose job it is to marry the couple a second time. However as it turns out, things are never that easy and as with other characters appearances can be deceiving.

“What we are talking about are skeletons in the cupboard,” as Mr Bradshaw puts it. Skeletons which have been created by the hypocritical veneer that people feel compelled to create in their quest for happiness. The audience has the option of digging beneath the surface and digging for dirt within the relationships, or being picked up by the play’s charm and enjoying the farcical fun as it arises.

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