Ladies Night

When's it happening?

Date: Friday 29 September 2017
Times: 7:00pm
Admission: £6

What's it about?

Tickets are £6 each and this includes;
*Free glass of mocktail on arrival
*Free Entry into Raffle
*Free Goodie Bag...
*Get pampered by Sarah Law - Free
*Nails by Laura Margaret - Free
*Makeup by Daniella Termonia -Free
*Hair Braided or Upstyled by Samantha Cahoon - Free
*Watch a makeup demo by Urban Decay - Free
*Get a facial scan by Care In Sun - Free
*5 minute crafts - Free
*Raffle by We Slim Together - Free
*Information & Advice from various Health & Beauty Consultants - Free

Also available to place orders for purchasing
*Do'Terra Oils
*Bodyshop @ Home
*True North Crafts & Merchandize
Pens £1, Bookmarks 50p

Plus lots more not yet announced....

Tickets availavle for Donna Byrce on 07934 534211 or from the Salvation Army Shop, Ballymena  Mon – Fri from 10am – 4pm

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