Colin Murphy - Big Time

When's it happening?

Date: Friday 17th of May 2019
Times: 7.30pm Doors 8.00pm Start
Admission: Tickets £20
Ages: Over 16

What's it about?

Colin Murphy


Big Time!

"Fresh from another series of award winning Friday night stalwart The Blame Game, and from fronting his new BBC series, Colin Murphy’s Panic Room, Colin is back on the road with a new tour show BIG TIME**. Following the sellout run of his 2018 Bald Ambition Tour, he’ll be taking Big Time across the land, using both motorways and most of the dual carriageways doing what he does best and peeling away the layers of what makes us us.



**WARNING: Some of this show was written on holiday whilst in the EU and, as this tour runs over the March 29th Brexit date, some of these jokes may not be eligible for inclusion and/or not be deemed funny enough to comply with new post Brexit arrangements. Also there may or may not be any electricity. “ 

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