***Sold Out*** The Irish Rovers In Concert ***Sold Out***

When's it happening?

Date: Thursday 21st of March 2019
Times: Doors 7.30pm Start 8.00pm
Admission: Tickets £10 proceeds in aid of NI Air Ambulance
Ages: All Ages

What's it about?

It’s not every day you get to see music legends but on Thursday 21st March 2019 The Irish Rovers will be performing at The Braid Arts Centre and attending a Civic Reception with the Mid & East Antrim to welcome them home, if even just for a few days.

For over 50 years “these international ambassadors of Irish music have maintained their timeless ability to deliver a rollicking, rousing performance of good cheer - one that will soon have you singing and clapping along. Their songs have become anthems of revelry and joy among generation after generation of fans.” - Belfast Telegraph.

As young Irish immigrants themselves, the Rovers emigrated to Canada and became so much a part of the Canadian culture that Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau personally asked them to become Canadian citizens so they could officially represent Canada around the world.

The Irish Rovers continue to tour the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand but the days of the long tours are coming to an end for these lads as they are now completing one last world tour. After that, they will finally be available for special events, festivals and longer stays. International touring will happen only on a very limited scale.

Like the famous Bushmills Irish Whiskey, The Irish Rovers continue to improve with age and The Braid Arts Centre and Mid & East Antrim Borough Council are delighted that the boys are making a visit home to be applauded for all they have done over the years for the music industry, and for promoting this part of the world across North America and beyond.

A special concert will be held on Thursday 21st March at 8.00pm in the Theatre at The Braid Arts Centre with proceeds from tickets generously being donated by The Irish Rovers to the Mayors Charity – Northern Ireland Air Ambulance. Tickets are now available from The Braid Arts Centre Box Office on 02825 635077

Please book early to avoid disappointment!

As part of their visit The Irish Rovers are being officially welcomed home at a Civic Reception to recognize the bands contribution to the music industry and for their constant contribution to the promotion of Mid & East Antrim. Since the 60’s, the Celtic super-group travelled the world as musical ambassadors taking them as far as the Arctic Circle, Japan, and Germany, with regular tours to Australia, New Zealand, and the US.


The iconic Celtic super-band, have sold millions of recordings, gaining countless converts to Irish music through the power of their foot-stomping, intoxicating songs, spirited humor and jubilant showmanship.   Owen McNally, Hartford Courant


Years of touring and playing haven’t eroded the band’s ferocious chops. Those musicians are so tight. They’re virtuosos! - Tallahassee Democrat 


There’s no getting away from the quality of the Millar cousin’s vocals, vintage Irish balladeers from Ballymena with calculated wit and whimsy and a brogue to win the ladies hearts. - Otago Daily Times, New Zealand


The Irish Rovers celebrate a bonny resurgence… From the recent resurge in popularity it would seem the lads themselves have returned to their glory days, and are still charging. - The Morning Call


An unforgettable experience! The Irish Rovers excite even the most discerning audience member into having a rip-roaring good time. - Foundation for the Performing Arts

The Rovers have produced over 40 albums in North America and many more internationally with the band’s 2014 album “50 Years” being touted as “The Greatest of their Greatest Hits”.

George Millar and cousin Ian Millar are from Ballymena, original Rover Wilcil McDowell is from Larne, Sean O’Driscoll from Cork, bodhran player Fred Graham is from Belfast, Morris Crum from Carnlough, fiddler Gerry O’Connor is from Dundalk, Davey Walker from Armagh, and whistle/flute player Geoffrey Kelly is from Dumfries, Scotland. 

The Rovers have recently been officially honored as one of Ireland’s greatest émigrés by

Ireland’s newest and most state of the art museum. Mervyn Greene, Dublin’s EPIC Ireland

Museum Director says,“The Irish Rovers are iconic, world class and with very a long

career. That’s important to us!

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