Mindful Movement and Dance

When's it happening?

Date: Saturday 16th March - Saturday 13th April 2019
Times: 1.30-2.30pm
Admission: £20 full course (or £6 per class)
Ages: Adult (all ages)

What's it about?

Come and enjoy the gift of movement and dance, allowing the dancer within yourself to blossom and flourish. Become more aware of your body, your breath, the space around you, colours, shapes and sounds.

This is a non-threatening, ‘feel good’ class for all ages and abilities.                                                                                              Some comments from class participants:

’Wonderful class, overflowing with life and joy’’

‘’Liberating, enlivening, energising, and many other wonderful things. And FUN!’’

‘’I always feel so good after the class’’

‘’Wonderful freedom in movement’’

‘’I’ve learned a lot about inner poise, through being encouraged to take time to breathe, to stretch, to attune myself to my senses …’’

‘’Relaxing and fun’’

‘’I have waited so long for a class like this!’’

*Please note there is no class on Sat 6th April*                       Tickets available from Braid Box Office


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