The Slemish Players Present "Scenes from the Big Picture" by Owen McCafferty

When's it happening?

Date: Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April 2019
Times: Doors 7.30pm Start 8.00pm
Admission: Tickets £8 Concessions £6
Ages: 16+

What's it about?

Owen McCafferty's play Scenes from the Big Picture is a panoramic portrait of contemporary Belfast with a multi-stranded narrative featuring over twenty characters.


The play takes place over the course of a hot summer’s day in an imagined area of 'present-day' Belfast. There’s a gang of four kids heading for dead-end jobs in the local meat factory, which is itself going under despite the owner’s PA’s desperate attempts to keep the place afloat. Meanwhile, an elderly couple who run the grocer’s shop are being bullied and two junkies are planning their escape. The local pub is populated by a ragtag of drunken old men, a shop steward is having trouble juggling the demands of his wife and his mistress, and two estranged brothers are speaking for the first time in years at their father’s wake. Over the course of the day, individual lives intersect, and private and public worlds collide.

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