Ballymena Chamber Orchestra Presents Christmas Top of the Pops

When's it happening?

Date: Saturday 7th December 2019
Times: Doors 7.00pm Start 7.30pm
Admission: Tickets £12 Adult £6 Children under 12
Ages: All Ages

What's it about?

Ballymena Chamber Orchestra and Community Choir present ' Christmas Top of the Pops' featuring an eclectic selection of top Christmas hits from the 1960 to the present day.


Artistic Director Rebekah Durston and Choral Director Sam Murray will take you through an evening of superb musical entertainment to get you into the Christmas spirit!


A night not  to be missed. Tickets £12 Adult, £6 Children under 12.



For anyone wishing to attend both Ballymena Chamber Orchestra Christmas Concerts, tickets from both shows (6th and 7th of December) are available for


Tickets £20 Adult, £10 Children under 12.



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